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From individuals, to business owners, family enterprises of significant wealth and global superstars.

What you want out of life is the very first thing we need to know about you. Not how many pensions you have or what investments you’ve made — all of these things will fall into place further down the line as we get to know you better. But what’s most important to us is who you are and what you want from life, so we can then help reshape your financial world to make sure your goals are within reach.

More often than not, our clients have quite complex financial affairs when they come to us — all the investments, taxation set-ups, properties, pensions and other policies that we tend to accumulate through life. So no matter what your personal and business context is, the chances are we'll have come across related situations during our 19+ years of running Magus.

All manner of trigger points can spark the need for a conversation with us. That’s why our first step with you is a discussion about what is urgent, so we understand where you’re coming from and how we may best be able to help you. This may result in a one-off piece of much-needed support, or the start of a lifetime relationship with us.

Our clients come from a wide range of businesses and creative industries. Some are UK domiciled, others are global citizens and families. Some have inherited family money or run family businesses, others are self-made wealthy individuals. Many are employees or retirees with families. But all are driven by the need to manage their private wealth wisely, for their own lifetimes and in many cases, for future generations.

If you’d like to make sense of your whole financial world, or just some of it, we have a wealth of financial planning experience plus a real passion for understanding our clients’ lives and reshaping their financial worlds.

Our goal? To enable you to live the life you love.

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