Magus Investment Principles

Asking 'Why?' Really Matters
Money is rarely the true objective of investing. Money is an enabler - the thread that runs through our lives. Our clients seek to live a lifestyle with certainty around their wealth and to know their investments will comfortably support them for the rest of their lives.

The distinctive difference of the Magus approach is our belief that you cannot invest money in isolation; it must be done in the context of our client’s lives, dreams and aspirations.

Hence our approach to investing your money starts with your “Why”: the need to discover what is truly important to you and to paint a picture of your ideal future.

We then build a tailored private wealth plan for you, to help achieve your lifestyle aspirations. We take into account your investment time horizons, your thoughts and feelings around investment risk, as well as any personal factors that you have shared with us.

Our proven, robust and evidence-based investment strategy is shaped around 10 central investment pillars. We believe these help deliver a much better investment outcome as well as a more positive investment experience. 

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