Illuminating Your Financial World

We help simplify & organise our clients' financial world, enabling them to live the life they love

Managing finances can be a complex affair but it is so much easier when you have a vision of your ideal future life. We take time to understand your broader context — finances, business, family, goals and aspirations — so we can better advise you on how to create a robust plan to achieve these.

Often, there are many pieces to your financial ‘jigsaw’, and we help draw the pieces together, highlighting where they fit and relate to your vision. We also help you identify where there may be gaps in the puzzle that need resolving.

We call our approach, Illuminate — because in gathering all the pieces of your financial world, checking how these interact and advising how best to build a financial plan for the future, we are able to:

  • Shed light on any questions and concerns you have
  • Spotlight the strengths and weaknesses in your existing financial set up
  • Illuminate the best pathway ahead

Importantly, we can tangibly visualise your finances and model different scenarios for you, using our Illuminate software. So if you have a ‘what if I buy a second home?’, ‘what if I retire 3 years earlier?’ or ‘what if I sell my business in 5 years’ vs 10 years’ time?’ type of question in mind, we can help you see the financial impact of those scenarios, enabling you to make more informed & comfortable decisions.

Ultimately, what we do is to give you a roadmap to the future you want to have. One with clear directions and the ability to Illuminate where and when your financial plan may need adjusting. This can be at the start of our relationship with you or further down the line – as life, plans and finances can all change along the way.

Illuminate is state-of-the-art financial planning, that merges decades of experience with bespoke technology to give you visible projections that will bring your financial world to life. Supported by our online client portal, where your documents are held securely for you, your updated finances are instantly at your fingertips, whenever you want to check in.

Magus is the home of future-facing financial planning — and we have your needs firmly at the heart of all we do.

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