The Importance of Hearts & Minds

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We've talked a lot about how our clients are at the centre of everything we do. It's vital that we understand their needs so we can best shape a financial plan that helps them achieve their desired outcomes in life. In a nutshell, that's what Magus Private Wealth is all about.

But it’s also how we work with our clients, that is part of the Magus difference. We want you to feel like you are an extended part of our family. That we listen to what’s in your heart and mind. That we value your thoughts and reflect your wishes in what we do for you. That you are dealing with fellow human beings who care about what you want from life, rather than seeing you just as a number.

Connecting, listening, understanding and the human touch are at the heart of our business – and in fact ‘Heart’ is what we see as the Magus DNA. We see Heart as our essence, hence it drives how we work with both our internal teams and our clients alike.


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The 5 Magus brand values also speak volumes for how we like to work with our clients:

  1. Professionalism: Fundamentally, we're a professional service business. Working with us should always feel practiced, proficient and polished.

  2. Openness: Being able to have honest, in-depth conversations about what really matters to you, is key. With open communication, we better understand your needs and can plan with you to deliver what’s important to you.

  3. Integrity: Clearly, trust and integrity are core to a financial environment, and are reflected by all our people and how we work with you.

  4. Simplicity: Whether we're reshaping your existing financial complexity into a simple, smart plan, or just talking without jargon, simplicity is core to helping you feel clearer and more confident about your finances.

  5. Energy: We're an upbeat, energised team of people, committed to our clients. You’ll feel the appetite and enthusiasm we bring to working with you.

We hope you’ll feel – and love – the Magus difference.

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