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I work for a non-profit organisation involved in international mediation, so not being involved in financial services makes the whole financial world seem very opaque. I wanted a financial planner I could trust to help me provide a safe, nurturing and secure environment for my family.

I was recommended to Magus by a friend of mine whose judgement I trust. After an initial meeting, I felt they could simplify my affairs and help me plan for our future. Specifically, I was facing future education costs for my children and was unclear exactly when the costs would hit and what I would need to liquidate to meet these costs.

The financial forecast provided by Magus provided accessible and simple information that answered my questions and allayed my fears. The forecasting software they use is a big benefit and quite comforting, as you can see the likely expenditure peaks along the way. The full financial plan they created feels wholly connected to my life and needs. They also helped restructure my investments and overall spread of assets.

What was complex is now streamlined and simple. I have financial clarity and that gives me peace of mind around my financial choices.  The whole process has been reassuring, personalised and professional. I feel that I have someone I can ring to discuss the financial impact of the choices that I make in my life - having an impartial sounding board is great.

Recently I have been brave enough to decide to take a year’s sabbatical so I can spend time with my two young children. The discussions with Dante and Sharon and the Financial Planning software they use gave me the confidence to see that I could do it financially. They’ve been hugely supportive and we have a really good, collaborative relationship.

The peace of mind they’ve helped provide has allowed me to live the life I want to live, with my family.

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