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We met Michael at a stage when I had a bit of a complicated financial structure. There was money in various countries, I was buying shares, moving money in and out, getting weighty tax bills and then there was the whole financial crisis it was just panic mode.

The first striking thing about the Magus system was that it was very simple and understandable. It brought calm at a bit of a chaotic time.

And it was comprehensive, given how many different financial interests we had, it was great that they looked at everything and said ‘if it concerns the O’Donnell family, then it concerns us’. They build everything up into an assets model, and an income vs. expenditure model for us, which we still use today at our six monthly reviews.

The best thing is that they consolidated most of our assets into a much simpler structure where Magus manage 90% of them, which still accesses global diversity. They work out the longevity & sustainability of our finances - the simple robustness of their long-term model is head and shoulders above the rest. They’ve just freed me of dealing with all that.

I also wanted to invest securely, and even conservatively, with an amount of money that was ring-fenced. That was a really important safety net, security for me and the family. It was a big thing from the very beginning, which Magus made happen.

Now my mind isn’t absorbed in time nor stress around this stuff, that’s huge really. It’s probably more complicated behind the scenes, but to the client it looks like what they are doing is simple and that they are executing it well. I can think ‘you’re looking after that, I trust you to do that. And I’m going to do some other ventures, or play golf’.

Magus are a constant in a very turbulent world, where there’s been a lot of change over the past 9 years. There’s been a lot of stuff that’s gone on – personal and in business - but through all of that Magus has been consistent and trustworthy, doing what they do well. They’re always very professional, accessible, responsive and reassuring.

Now that we’ve worked really hard for the past 30 years, we just want to know our finances are in good hands. And now we have freedom to go and live the most fulfilling life possible. We know what we’ve got and how we can deploy it most efficiently for the benefit of our family.

Michael’s done a really good job – he’s both our close family adviser and also a friend.

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