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My experience with Magus has been very, very good. The big difference is the fact that they are not just IFAs, they are financial planners - this is the cornerstone of what they do. They come at it from the point of view of understanding where you are coming from, what your goals and objectives are - and create your financial plan from there.

As part of the process, my wife and I went through the financial forecast. This platform gave us a bird's eye view of where we were at the time with all our finances, whether the assets we'd built up were sufficient to see us through, and the ability to see if there were any gaps in our finances, right up to age 100.

Having that visual map of seeing where we were and where we needed to be helped with the strategy for our finances as a whole. We did have a couple of gaps, particularly in terms of income protection and our pensions — it gave us clarity and enabled us to focus on what we needed to prioritise.

Working with Magus has also helped us pull different policies together and simplify it in my mind. I wasn't particularly interested in keeping on top of all those even though I'm competent to do so — it just made more sense for Magus to handle this, and this has all gone smoothly.

We've always dealt with Zac - we have a very good working relationship with him. He's very efficient, knows his stuff, is very personable, goes about his business in an efficient way and he always works in our best interests. The Magus technical and admin support people that I've come into contact with have been great too.

Working with Magus is helping us have more choices, so we can do what we want in the coming years, right through to our last days. Overall, I want security, to be sure we've covered all our angles, to have options as we get older and, ultimately, to maximise the wealth we pass on to our daughter.

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