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When I returned to the UK from working in the USA in the late nineties, a friend recommended that I should contact Mike Aitken to discuss my pension arrangements, as I had a number of different company pension schemes that needed consolidation.

At the time I had no idea what sort of financial position I would be in at retirement, and had no real planning strategy. My present day finances were in good shape but my future financial planning was not. This changed once I met Magus.

We had a very good discussion about my personal circumstances and discussed where we could go from here, which gave me the confidence to move ahead with Magus. I was nervous at first, because I was venturing into the unknown. However, once I had understood the Magus approach, discussed my attitude to risk and was given the opportunity to invest in a globally diversified portfolio, I was able to observe the growth in my investments over subsequent years with some satisfaction.

In addition, Magus has demonstrated the benefits of financial forecast modelling to me during recent annual reviews, which has proved enormously useful to me and given me a large degree of comfort for the future.

I have a good relationship with my present Magus financial adviser and can contact her at any time on any matter. Advice is always forthcoming and no significant changes or restructuring of my investment portfolio are ever made without a letter of recommendation from Magus. I have always been impressed by the positive attitude of the Magus advisers.

It is very important to me to receive the Magus view on the impact of current world events (e.g. Brexit, Trump) on the markets and more particularly, how it may affect my investments. The Magus newsletters provide a good insight into Magus’s view of current events.

When I look back I feel very satisfied that I joined Magus and feel that I have come a long way from having scattered pension funds to my present globally diversified portfolio. I have no doubt that overall I am in a stronger financial position today with the backing of the Magus Support team and able to enjoy my recent retirement with a good deal of confidence.

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