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I've got quite a lot of experience in the financial markets, from my own working background. I like to make my own decisions as to where I put my money and how to move it around if the need arises, such as after the Brexit vote.

There are several things that particularly appeal to me about what Magus do. Firstly, their ability to show you the big picture of your finances is a good point of difference. I like the financial graphics that they create because a visual story helps give both me, and my wife particularly, a good overview of what’s going on across all our finances.

I also like that you can log onto the internet, get on the Magus portal system and see what’s going with your money on at any point in time – it’s a very 21st century way of doing things. And you do it when it suits you, that’s what this particular system’s good at.

Also, as you get older, it’s increasingly important to make sure you’ve got the best tax planning possible. Sharon gives us advice on moving our money in and out when it’s most prudent to do so. Our tax position is important and they provide a meaningful service that deals with this effectively.

What I like is that Magus does what it’s supposed to do, it doesn’t interfere with my life. That’s testament to the success of the way the business is run. They get on with it in a quiet, calm manner and if something urgent comes up, such as when I recently wanted to switch funds, they expedited my wishes very quickly and efficiently, which is very positive.

I know that I can trust them implicitly. For the next few years as we keep working towards retirement, we’re just trying to make sure all the bases are covered so subsequently we can enjoy the rewards of all our hard work.

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