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A friend introduced us to Mike Aitken in the mid 1990s, when we knew we wanted to do something pensions-wise. He listened to what our needs were and helped us figure out the best way forward for all our finances, taking into account the time of life we were at and what we'd need in the future.

Since then, Sharon has become our main contact at Magus. She’s been excellent and we’ve built a good relationship. She really knows her stuff and is professional and knowledgeable as well as incredibly accommodating and personable.

Sharon explains things clearly in simple English, either by drawing diagrams or by using the Magus software, which is very good. It models different scenarios and outcomes, and enables us to see how we can make best use of the money we’ve accumulated.

You can have a certain pot of money but it has to be managed in an intelligent way so you can spend now, but also have enough to carry you through the rest of your life – in both those areas Magus have been excellent. They’re trustworthy, provide a huge amount of support and the whole thing feels friendly - you don’t ever feel you’re ‘just dealing with a suit’.

We’d talked to Sharon about wanting to be able to retire when we would be reasonably young still. And then we had a big change of circumstances, Rob decided to retire and I went part-time. This caused us some real trepidation, as we didn’t think we’d accumulated enough money yet for this to work. But we sat down and Sharon said ‘you can actually do this, it’s OK, you can maintain this lifestyle still’.

She surprised us with a really useable, workable income for our retirement, it’s a very good plan. Now we travel a lot, Rob’s written a sci fi novel, we’re learning the sax and guitar and I’m working part-time, as well as being governor of a local school.

I’ve still got an element of ‘this is absolutely amazing, I can’t believe they’ve got us to this stage’ in my head. Years ago I wouldn’t have thought we’d get here so soon, but now, here we are.

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