We believe the only way to improve your experience and interaction with us is to ask you how you honestly view these things. We felt it was really important to hear from you directly so we could understand where we are doing well or where we could do things better.

So, firstly, I’d like to thank those of you who took part in our first client survey at the end of last year, we had a very strong and encouraging response, with nearly 300 responses in total.

We thought, even if you didn’t take part in the survey, you’d be interested in hearing a little more about the key findings and what we are doing as a result of the feedback. We are planning to conduct this survey on an annual basis, so there will be another opportunity to take part if you’d like to do so.

One of the areas we place immense importance on is our relationship with you and having an experienced and professional team of Financial Planners in place, who really understand you and your individual needs – and unsurprisingly this is really important to you too.

When we asked ‘What attribute do you consider most important in your Financial Planner relationship?’ it was clear you value the breadth and depth of our experience as 67% of responders said that ‘experience with clients like me’ was most important, with ‘investment returns’ following this up at 26%.

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It also seems peace of mind, knowledge of your personal financial situation and progress towards your goals are very important to you when you measure the value you receive from your Financial Planner – with a combined total of 84%.

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When it came to our service we were delighted to achieve 97% when asked ‘Does your Financial Planner respond to your requests in a timely manner?’ 75% responded ‘always’ and 22% ‘most of the time’ – so, we recognise we have a little bit of work to do here to ensure we push up our score in that ‘always’ section.


When we asked ‘what do you feel contributes most to your overall confidence in your Financial Planner?’ scoring highest (and probably least surprising!) was ‘demonstrating knowledge about financial matters’. This was followed very closely by ‘relating to me on a personal level’, ‘giving me time and attention without making me feel rushed’ and ‘providing me with a customised experience’ and with the lowest score ‘charging reasonable fees and charges’.

So whilst it’s obvious that we should understand financial matters, you need to be confident that we have a qualified team of Financial Planners in place, that they adhere to a professional set of standards and that our support team are also of the highest calibre, knowledgeable and most of all experienced.

We place a lot of importance on our Chartered Financial Planning status, as this demonstrates you are dealing with proven professionals as only the UKs best financial planning firms qualify for this. Our teams are also subject to ongoing professional development via a range of activities designed to develop and enhance their abilities. This also ensures that their academic and practical qualifications are up to date.

On the more personal side of things, we pride ourselves on taking time, taking care and paying attention when it comes to you and your family, and we will continue to focus firmly on these areas. We always want you to feel that we provide you with all the support and time you need and that you feel we really understand your personal situation.

We aren’t a ‘factory’ – we are a team of individuals who feel very strongly about always doing the right thing for you. All the results from the survey have been shared with the Magus team, so they understand what is most important to you, what you value most and, in turn, where we should be focusing when it comes to coaching, learning and development.

So again, many thanks for taking part in this survey – we have found it to be a very useful and informative exercise and one we feel has helped us to gain an insight into what you value most from us.

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