Our range of videos are designed to help you build a picture of Magus Wealth.

Why Magus Wealth?

Founder and Chairman, Michael Aitken explains why he set up Magus Wealth, how we ensure clients are firmly at the centre of everything we do and why trust is so important.


We are part of GAIA – an international network of independently owned investment advisory firms, whose overriding commitment to fiduciary excellence ensures they always put their clients’ interests first.


Why work with a CEFEX Advisor

In 2019 we became members of CEFEX, and we are certified for Investment Advisor Fiduciary Excellence, placing us globally amongst an elite group of firms.



What it means for an Advisor to be CEFEX certified

A CEFEX-certified Investment Advisory firm has demonstrated that it has the best fiduciary practices in place. This means the firm has sound investment processes which are documented and consistent. They also have a responsibility to act in your best interest if you’re an investor with their firm.

Morgan Housal

Investing is more about behaviour, than it is finance, but behaviour is difficult to teach. Here’s 4 stories, which have nothing to do with investing, but everything to do with the emotional side of money.

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