We all leave a legacy, whether we plan for it or not.

Magus have studied the practices of families who have successfully transferred their wealth across multiple generations. We’ve distilled these practices into our ‘Family stewardship programme’ designed to future-proof your financial and estate planning, and will help you ensure that wealth, knowledge, and values are successfully transferred across generations.

There are 3 pathways within the programme, which we’ll shape according to your family and business set-up.

Financial and estate planning are important in protecting your family’s future, but these need to be underpinned with family stewardship to give your family the knowledge and tools to successfully transition both strong family relationships and wealth across generations.

It won’t be your valuables you will be remembered for, but the lifelong gift you will have created – your family’s direction, vision, and values.

“Working with Magus is helping us have more choices, so we can do what we want in the coming years, right through to our last days. I want security, to be sure we’ve covered all our angles, options as we get older and, ultimately, to maximise the wealth we pass on to our daughter.”

David Beckman, Magus Wealth client since 2014

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