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Dante joined Magus in 2000 and became a director and shareholder in 2004. He is a highly experienced adviser who qualified in 1996 and has been delighted to co-build Magus into a business where he can help clients to live the life they desire and deserve.

“I enjoy helping clients discover that life is so much more than money. Money is the thread that runs through all our lives.  The dreams, the goals, the aspirations, all need money. But money is just an enabler to help us live the life we truly desire.”

Dante’s main areas of expertise at Magus are portfolio construction, mitigating risk, financial life planning for clients and the preparation of bespoke financial forecasts for clients. He steers the Magus investment committee, is in charge of systems development and is very involved in ensuring business compliance. As a director of the firm he also oversees, with Ian, the financial side of the business.

Dante particularly loves the atmosphere at Magus, the friendly and caring ‘family’ he works with, who together have a huge amount of skills and experience in managing private wealth. He also loves the inspiring stories his clients tell him – and their reactions to what Magus delivers:

“When a client suddenly says ‘Wow! I’ve now got a plan that allows me to live the life I want’, that’s the best part of the job. That’s what motivates me”.

Dante is a Member of the Kinder Institute of Financial Life Planning, is a Registered Master Life Planner and holds a Diploma in Financial Services from the Chartered Insurance Institute.

Outside work, Dante indulges his love of coffee in the many independent coffee roasters of Brighton, where he lives. He was a keen amateur rower, but these days is reasonably content to row on dry land using his Concept II Ergo or lift a few weights in the gym. Most of all, he enjoys family time with his wife and loves spending time playing with and teasing his two small children and his one large cat.

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