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Family man, bird watcher and photographer, and keen skier, Richard is also a Chartered Financial Planner at Magus.

Richard joined Magus in 2012, having started his career as a Financial Adviser in 1987.  Since the solid technical training of his early years, Richard has been an early adopter of advanced financial qualifications, which led to him gaining Chartered status in 2008.

Richard has spent a great deal of his career working alongside accountants and solicitors, and has built a particular expertise in helping individuals with pensions and pension sharing. He learned early in his career that if a client found something tricky to understand, the onus rightly lay on the adviser to provide clear explanations that bring their finances to life:

“My key strength is painting a picture for my clients of their finances in terms they can understand and feel comfortable with, regardless of the complexity. I invest a lot of time helping clients to see their own bigger picture and what is right for them.  It gives me a great deal of satisfaction when I can help translate that into reality”.

Outside work, Richard enjoys his home and family life, photographing the feathered visitors to his garden, collecting stories of badger sightings to amuse his Magus colleagues, and planning his next skiing trip.


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