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About Tina

Experienced learning and development professional, executive coach and hockey enthusiast.

Tina has spent the past 15 years as a global learning and development professional and executive coach. She has developed and delivered management, leadership and behavioural learning during this time to both teams and individuals, in a variety of industries.

Tina brings a learning culture based on how we interpret, adopt and bring to life learning in the context of Magus Wealth and our people strategy.

The supportive and inclusive nature of Magus Wealth that exists is the launch pad that Tina needs to evolve the wider Magus Wealth culture, and change the mind set from the typical one off training model, to that of a culture where continual learning and development is at the very heart of our business.

“I’m so impressed with the commitment of the leadership team here at Magus Wealth to invest in the wider team. They recognise this investment into the team, their continued development and providing them with the coaching and support they need, is one of the single most important and critical things you can do, with the benefits being felt across every area of our business”.

Away from work, Tina can be found on the side of a hockey pitch. No longer running around it, but managing both men’s and ladies national league teams at The Wimbledon Hockey Club. If she can’t be found there then it’s very likely she can be found at her bolt hole in the picturesque village of Hawkshead in Cumbria where she will be walking and enjoying the local and wonderful flora and fauna.


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