Breda and Paul Ferarrio

Magus worked with Paul and I to help us evaluate our financial situation now and in the future, from both a business and a family perspective.

They helped us turn a confused mess of income, investments, policies, shares and assurances into a real picture of our risks and comfort areas. They made the process simple and easy to understand.We came out feeling refreshed and re-energised to move forward on our commercial and personal finances.

We would thoroughly recommend them.

David Ross

Magus has helped me manage my financial affairs since the company was formed. They have been unfailingly patient and helpful, providing me with excellent advice on pensions, investments and life assurance. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone needing professional advice in these areas.

Janine Capon

I’ve met several of the Magus people and everyone so far has impressed me. Mike has been my main contact for over 5 years, and he is always highly professional and a great sounding board. Other members of the team also come across as very approachable, ready to listen and offer help and advice when I need it. A breath of fresh air compared to some financial houses.

Mark and Juliet Turnbull

Getting sound financial advice is one thing, but the gift of bringing your finances to life is something else altogether. Magus took the time to get to know us before they started analysing our finances, and then gave us a clear, practical plan of action that made sense of our options; in short, how we could live the life we want for ourselves and for our children, for the rest of our lives. Outstanding. Their understanding of the big picture, attention to detail and individual customer care are first class. We cannot recommend them more highly.

Mark Chapman

Having worked in banking for over thirty years I firmly believe that there has never been a more important time to ensure that ones own financial house is truly in order. Magus came highly recommended and after a thorough first meeting with Michael Aitken we had no hesitation in taking his advice. There is no hard sell, just a very professional assessment of risk profile and future needs with a solution given by Magus that is backed up with an enormous amount of excellent research. It is very much an ongoing personal approach and I see Magus as an essential part of my families long term financial planning.

Peter and Sophie Day

With Magus we know we have a plan and are in safe hands, thanks to them and to their team and proposed business model, I feel that the financial future for all of our family is safe.

Phil Georgiadis

I have been a client of Magus for a number of years. I appreciate the integrity, openness and diligence of Magus. Whilst we are all experiencing some short term turbulence I have confidence in their considered and long term approach to management of my portfolio and have no hesitation in recommending them. Mike and his team have been very patient with me!

Suki Laniado Smith

I have had the good fortune to meet and work with Mike Aiken of Magus during this past year. I had known of Magus from many of my colleagues. They were all very positive about the quality of work Magus delivers. I absolutely know they were right. What I did not know was the special and unique relationships they create with each and every one of their clients.

Our relationship is multi faceted. I value each layer of that relationship. After many years in England and many financial advisers, my husband and I finally know our finances and long term financial planning is finally in the right hands. The first act Magus carried out on our behalf was to insure that our legal status in the US and UK was secured. We have had much conflicting advice on this over the years. Magus has our best and long term interests at heart. The relationship is based on knowledge and communication which flows from both parties.  We are speaking a common language.  It is a language of understanding and expertise.

Magus values each client as an individual. Security and safety are paramount to them. We had 3 key goals we wanted to achieve when meeting Magus. The most important of the 3 was the knowledge that our only child would some day only have to make one phone call in a time of extreme stress. With that phone call her future would be secured. That goal has been achieved after two meetings. Our finances and our state of mind has never looked or felt better.

Many thanks to all of them.

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