Meet Michael Aitken

With over 30 years of experience as a Financial Advisor and mentor, Michael Aitken, Founder and Chairman at Magus Wealth, has authored ‘The Levelheaded Investor’ to help people find financial security and freedom from money worries.

You may be here after reading the book and wanting to dive deeper. Or you may be seeking tools and exercises to help you create a life of financial freedom and purpose. Whatever your reason, say goodbye to financial stress and hello to a more confident financial future as you become a savvy, levelheaded investor.

The Levelheaded Investor Compass

Success in life, both in purpose and wealth, leaves clues that others can replicate. The LHI Compass combines these ‘clues’ in a framework everyone can follow.

The Compass is set out in four sequential quadrants, each supported by four sub-components. All points of the compass work together guiding you naturally towards your own definition of a successful life.

Explore the Compass in more detail by selecting the different sections below:

Want phase

Your financial journey begins with understanding what you truly Want from your life.

Explore what drives you, what values sit at your core, tackle obstacles head on and build your best life.

Plan phase

A journey is hard without a map. Your Plan is the roadmap that supports and delivers the structure you need to live your best life.

Invest phase

Building wealth is a core component of being a Levelheaded Investor. The smart way to invest is to use an evidence-based investment philosophy.

The Invest quadrant takes you seamlessly from random investment ideas to a rational investment plan.

Behave phase

Being a good investor and being human sadly makes for a poor combination.

The best-laid plans can be undone in a heartbeat if you don’t control your emotions around money, making the Behave quadrant probably the most important of all.


Want: Evolve ‘Vague to Vibrant’

Health and fitness

This article explores health and longevity, highlighting the need for effective financial planning to support a longer life.

Obstacles and strategy

Use this worksheet to look at what’s stopping you, what can you do, when you will do it and what the result will be.

Future life visualiser

Describe a life that inspires you every day. What does your life need to look like, feel like and sound like to make this a reality?

Your ‘Values’conversation

Discover your core values to strengthen your knowledge and to make your financial plan a reality.

Plan: Transform ‘Chaotic to Clarity’

The Money Charity budget builder

A free tool to help you create your own customised budget and keep track of your day-to-day spending.

Retirement – an introduction

This article explores retirement’s complexities & the importance of planning to ensure a fulfilling post-work life.

Invest: Convert ‘Random to Rational’

Shiny things

This article explores “shiny things” when it comes to investing, focusing on gold, its allure, drawbacks, and role in portfolios.

Figures 6 to 27

Figures from the INVEST section of the book. Exploring investing more deeply and making decisions on how to invest.

Behave: Move from ‘Confused to Composed’

Algorithms perpetuate poor investment behaviours

This article explores how social media algorithms shape investment decisions and how to mitigate their detrimental effect.

Figures 31 to 34

Figures from the BEHAVE section of the book. The biggest challenge we face when investing is ourselves.

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